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Clio Wagner- Media Outreach Coordinator, Cartoonist, and Arts Educator

I am a 2022 graduate of California State University Northridge, where I studied 2D/3D Art and Animation, focusing on Pre-Production, Storyboard, and Visual Development. I currently work full time for Art Trek, Inc. as their Media Outreach Coordinator, and I also teach a weekly after-school animation class through Art Trek. My personal artwork focuses on 2D character design, prop design, environment design, and storyboards.

I had a passion for storytelling as a child, and over the years I have developed the skills to better share my stories to an audience. In elementary school, I enjoyed creative writing, reading, and watching cartoons that inspired me to draft new stories.

Today, I am motivated by my students and fellow teachers, as well mutual friends from CSUN and followers on Instagram; I owe my passion to the people that inspired me to pursue my dreams.

My instructors and counselors had encouraged me to pursue a career doing what I loved, and I discovered a whole world waiting for me as I began to study art. I have a deep gratitude for my professors who have helped shape me into the artist and storyteller I am today, and I hope to pass on what I've learned to my own students. One of my goals in life is to provide affordable and accessible arts education to my community, and I am happy to work for a nonprofit that has that shared goal with me.

I currently live in Southern California, where I grew up, with my parents and my younger brother. Outside of drawing and writing, I enjoy reading comic books, cross country running, and acting.

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Resume (PDF vers.)


2014 - 2018

Santa Clara High School (Oxnard, CA)

2018 - 2022

California State University, Northridge

Clio Wagner is a conceptual artist that aspires to work in 2D  animation. A graduate of California State University, Northridge in 2022, Clio has studied 2D/3D animation, drawing, painting, and digital design for four years, and she continues to practice these studies to this day. She is experienced in digital design programs such as ToonBoom Harmony, Storyboard Pro, Autodesk Maya software, and various Adobe Suite programs. 

In the fall of 2021 to January 2022, Clio had the opportunity to intern at Chic Little Devil PR in Los Angeles, where she was able to gain experience in social media marketing, celebrity outreach, and public relations, using Google Workspace applications. In the spring of 2022, Clio was also an intern for KEPYR and Rubber Chicken Cards, where she was able to connect with animation professionals, work collaboratively with a team of interns, and gain experience in digital illustration, graphic design, and 2D animation.

During her time at CSUN, Clio was also a part of the University Ambassadors' general body, as well as the organization's Director of Public Relations and Information for the 2021-2022 academic year; she has worked closely with social media and promoting material online, as well as maintained records of members and information. She was also a general member of CSUN's Animation club, ASLN, and she currently participates in club activities alongside fellow alumni. 

In January of 2022, Clio was hired as an after-school arts educator for Art Trek, Inc. , teaching elementary and middle school students visual arts as she completed her Bachelor's Degree in 2D/3D Animation. In April of that same year, Clio began working alongside Art Trek's staff as the Media Outreach Coordinator, a position she currently works full time.

Alongside managing Art Trek's online presence, marketing collateral, event registration, and ordering supplies for teachers, Clio also teaches a weekly animation class through Art Trek. In this class, Clio is able to chare what she's learned through various coursework and internships with her students, and she aspires to teach in more accessible classes within her community for the future. 

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